President’s Message to ITMA Members

02 September 2020Andy

Dear ITMA Members,

Greetings from ITMA and I trust that everyone is keeping well.

During the AGM, I had shared that it will not be business-as-usual for ITMA with the onset of the Covid-19 crisis. It certainly hasn't as we had to cancel two of ITMA's flagship events – the CIO Workshop and the CIO Study Trip. Nonetheless, the Exco team has worked hard to find new ways to continue bringing you interesting (and fun!) events online. I am glad to report that we have organised the following online events and have received strong participation and good feedback from our members:

- [4th May] ITMA-FireEye Webinar: Remote Work Security Executive Roundtable

- [16th June] ITMA Webinar with Dr Tan Kee Wee: Globalisation After Covid-19

- [2nd July] ITMA Online Session on Jobs and Skills for ICT Professionals

- [8th July] ITMA-Akamai Virtual Security Round Table

- [23rd July] ITMA-VEEAM Webinar Event with Special Guest - Thai Cave Rescue Diver, Dr Richard Harris

- [13th Aug] ITMA-Forrester Webinar Event: Designing A Remote Work Program That Drives Employee Engagement

- [21st Aug] ITMA Online Event - Introduction to TeSA Governing Council and ICT Sector Committee

For those who have participated, I am sure you must have enjoyed many of these informative events where we infused many of them with elements of fun ~ mixing your own cocktail ~ and networking ~ pre-delivered wine and food ~. Please look out for more interesting events that will be coming your way over the next few months.

Lastly, you can look forward to a new ITMA events and membership portal that will be launched in a few weeks' time. This portal will allow ITMA to improve our membership administration, engagement, and event management. Most importantly, we hope to create a better digital experience for our members. More details will be shared with you soon.

Thank you and best wishes!

Yours sincerely,
Alvin Tan
ITMA Executive Council 2020/21

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