President's Message to ITMA Members

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Posted by Alvin Ong on October 10, 2016

Dear fellow ITMA members,

My warmest greetings to all of you on behalf of the 37th ITMA Council. Time flies and we are already into the sixth month of the new term of office. This is my third message and at this point of writing, there are some exciting developments in the local ICT and digital media sectors with the formation of IMDA and GovTech. I believe we shall see more integrated planning and a sharper focus on Singapore’s digital transformation journey and realising our vision towards becoming an even smarter nation. I am also glad to see an increased focus on skills development of ICT professionals with the launch of the flagship TeSA (Tech Skills Accelerator) programme. This is certainly a heightened recognition of the importance of skills development in the ICT profession. ITMA members would do well to pay close attention to these developments and watch where our “cheese” is moving.

On the ITMA front, the Council has been busy with the planning of major events such as the 10th CIO Study Trip, 22nd ITBP, ITMA Annual Dinner and exploring a strategic partnership. Let me provide you with a brief update.

10th CIO Study Trip (21st to 30th October 2016)

This year, there will be a total of 51 attendees for the 10th CIO study trip themed “Technologies Changing the World”. The sites that the group will be visiting have a good balance of start-ups, technology leaders and technology adopters. We look forward to visit sites such as Levi’s Stadium, Apple, Google, Dropbox, GE Digital, Plug-and-Play and two innovation centres. The Planning Committee has done its best to accommodate as many members as logistically possible. The constraints stemmed from capacity limitations at the various venue hosts. On 6th October, a pre-trip briefing & networking dinner was held at Faber Peak restaurant at Mount Faber for all attendees. I am glad to see that many of you continued networking late into the night.

INSPIRE Beyond SG50 Book Launch (3rd November 2016)

ITMA is pleased to be a supporting partner of CIO Academy Asia’s “INSPIRE Beyond SG50” Book Launch on 3rd November 2016. The SG50 book project started in early 2015 and is a compilation of stories, perspectives and insights from more than 50 ICT Leaders with a majority of the contributors being ITMA members.

22nd ITBP Seminar (4th November 2016)

Registration for the 22nd IT Best Practices (ITBP) Seminar with the theme of “The Future of Economy is Technology” has opened and you are encouraged to sign up early to facilitate the organizing committee in their planning. This year, the organising committee has limited the number of sponsors and created a more engaging program with excellent topics and panel discussions throughout the day. The Council had deliberated whether to charge a registration fee for the ITBP and eventually decided to waive the fee for members. Hence, we appeal to members to be committed in attending the full day of conference and not to leave after the lunch break as was the trend in the past years.

Good Morning CIO! Breakfast Roundtable #3 on FinTech (9th November 2016)

The Professional Development team helmed by our ITMA Vice-President Ang Mui Kim and supported by Tan Bee Teck, has done an excellent job in identifying hot topics and sourcing for suitable speakers for the Breakfast Roundtable events. The first two topics were “Cyber Security” by Chai Chin Loon and “Embracing Digitalisation” by Ang Mui Kim. Our next hot topic is on FinTech and we are pleased to have our ITMA member and Head of Technology at ANZ Bank, Mayda Lim, as our next guest speaker. She will share on leverage, lessons and linkages in her personal FinTech journey. This breakfast talk was originally scheduled for 14th October 2016 but will be postponed to 9th November 2016 at her request.

ITMA 36th Annual Dinner (2nd week of January 2017)

The ITMA 36th Annual Dinner will be held in the 2nd week of January 2017. Once again, this will be another wonderful opportunity for members to catch up with one another and enjoy an evening of entertainment, food and wine. Do look out for the invite that would be sent from the ITMA Secretariat in early November 2016.

Strategic Partnership with NTUC

NTUC has a U-Associate Programme which provides a collaborative platform for professional associations to exchange ideas and co-develop customised programmes for mutual benefit. It was launched in 2011 and 37 professional associations across 21 sectors have joined the programme. ITMA will be joining the U-Associate Programme and formalise a strategic partnership with NTUC to reach out, engage and nurture current and future ICT leaders and CIOs.

Concluding Remarks

As your President, I am privileged and happy to do my part to reach out to both internal and external stakeholders to create mindshare of ITMA as a progressive, collaborative and dynamic association that meets the aspirations of its members and contributes to the good of the society at large. I know that many of you have excellent connections and an even greater influence in the industry. I urge you to do your part and help build a stronger mindshare of ITMA too. Let us carpe diem together!

Alvin Ong
President, IT Management Association (ITMA)
10th October 2016

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