ITMA's 37th Annual General Meeting

ITMA's 37th Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday, 28th March 2017 at 6:30pm, at Embassy & Consulate Room, Level 1, The St. Regis Singapore.

(Think Green! Hardcopy of reports, minutes etc will not be provided at the Annual General Meeting)

Access to Reports/Minutes

1) Nominees – Executive Council 2017/18
2) Last AGM Minutes – 29th March 2016
3) ITMA 2016 President Report
4) ITMA 2016 Treasurer Report

- External Audit Report

- Profit Loss Statement

- Income & Expenditure Statement

- Notes to Financial Statement

5) 1st Notice of 37th Annual General Meeting emailed on 17 February 2017
6) 2nd Notice of 37th Annual General Meeting